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    Posted April 11, 2014

    Creating a Tooth Friendly Easter Basket

    Easter is just around the corner so that means the Easter Bunny will be stopping by your house and leaving Easter baskets filled with fun goodies for kids and parents alike. As you’ve walked through the halls of your local...
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  • Dental Sealants

    One service our pediatric dentists recommend is dental sealants. Since the 1970s, dentists have been using dental sealants to help children enjoy a better oral health.

    Dental sealants work by physically protecting vulnerable teeth from decay-causing bacteria. Administering dental sealants is easy and, in many cases, is covered by dental insurance providers.

    $20per molar

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  • we accept AHCCCS and most ppo’s

    If you would like to learn more about what insurance we accept visit our insurance page.

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