Best Home Remedies for Thumb Sucking


If you’re looking for the best home remedies for thumb sucking, we can help!

Thumb sucking is perhaps the quintessential habit of very young children. As cute and photo worthy as thumb sucking appears on the surface, by the time your child has grown their permanent teeth, cosmetic damage may occur.

The main factors to consider are age and intensity. Some specialists consider children around the age of six at significant risk of damaging their teeth through thumb sucking. There are many home remedies for thumb sucking, both direct and indirect.

First, a disclaimer: you never want to use negative reinforcement when it comes to curbing your child’s habit. Most people, especially young children, respond better to positive reinforcement. Encourage the very best from your child and remain patient.

Challenge your child to only suck their thumb in the privacy of your home. This strategy can have a gradual success rate by putting certain limitations on their habit. You can easily reinforce this remedy by offering your child rewards for adhering to the rules of the challenge.

If your child proves capable of avoiding thumb sucking in public, raise the stakes. Encourage them to avoid the habit in the most likely places it occurs, such as during playtime or in bed. With the added effort, you might consider offering even more enticing rewards.

Many doctors maintain the best home remedy for thumb sucking is simply waiting it out. Most parents notice their children avoid thumb sucking altogether by age six or seven.

If all else fails, you might consider allowing your child the ability to acknowledge the problem on their own behalf. There’s plenty of incentive to refrain from thumb sucking as your child grows older, including fitting in among their peers.