Orthodontics is the area of dentistry that specializes in the diagnosis, supervision, guidance and correction of problems involving the alignment of the teeth and jaws. The technical term for these problems is “malocclusion,” which means “bad bite.” The practice of orthodontics requires professional skill in the design, application and control of corrective appliances, such as braces, to bring teeth, lips and jaws into proper alignment and to achieve facial balance. We offer many different types of orthodontics including:

  • traditional braces
  • clear braces
  • invisalign
  • invisalign teen

When should I first see an orthodontist?

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that all children have an orthodontic examination by age seven. Each child is different, therefore early screening can determine appropriate timing for intervention based on your child’s dental development. Orthodontic care during your child’s pre-adolescent growth stages can be beneficial in preventing more serious problems. Children with serious orthodontic problems should be treated early on, which can begin at age seven. Minor orthodontic problems, which are less complicated to treat, can be deferred until all permanent teeth are present.

Why is orthodontic treatment important?

Straight teeth are an asset to maintaining good dental health. They are less prone to dental decay and gum disease, as straight teeth collect less plaque. It is much easier to clean straight teeth as opposed to crowded teeth. Well aligned teeth and a healthy bite will prevent premature wear of the dentition, encouraging healthy normal functioning jaw joints. Orthodontic treatment to correct the problem is often less costly than dental care to treat the problems that can develop in later years.  Orthodontic treatment has also been proven to have a profound impact on the psycho-social confidence of patients of all ages.

What will happen on my first visit?

Each individual’s orthodontic treatment is different and deserves personalized attention. Your consultation is an important opportunity for us to get to know you and what you want to accomplish with your orthodontic treatment.The first step in determining your treatment plan is learning as much about your orthodontic condition as possible. Your initial consultation will consist of a thorough examination during which your teeth and jaw alignment will be evaluated. Dr. Adams will explain in detail his recommendations for treatment and the length of treatment based on your specific needs. Our administrative staff will assist you with methods of payment, insurance and any flex plan questions you may have. It is our goal that you have a clear understanding of your treatment and payment options.


Invisalign Teen

Braces are a reality for many teens. Braces that use metal brackets and wires aren’t the only option for young patients. At Kidtastic, our pediatric dentists offer Invisalign Teen.

Like regular Invisalign braces, which have been helping adults achieve straighter smiles without metal wires and brackets, Invisalign Teen can help young patients worried about how braces will look. Instead of using brackets and wires, Invisalign and Invisalign Teen use a series of clear, custom-made trays. Each tray in a patient’s treatment kit is worn for at least two weeks. When every tray has been worn for the prescribed amount of time, treatment will be complete.

The Benefits of Invisalign Teen

The most attractive benefit of Invisalign Teen is that the trays are almost completely invisible. For an image-conscious teenager, that is invaluable. Now, instead of facing months of anxiety, your son or daughter can work towards achieving straighter, healthier, and more beautiful teeth without feeling like he or she has to hide her smile. In fact, only your teen and our team will even have to know that he or she is receiving orthodontic care.

The next most attractive benefit of Invisalign is that the clear trays can be taken out throughout the day, whether for meals or for when it’s time to brush or floss. This lets your son or daughter enjoy the same kind of diet they do now, without braces. Keeping teeth clean will also be easier to accomplish. Traditional braces can make patients more vulnerable to decay and gum disease by trapping pieces of food in hard-to-reach areas. Because Invisalign’s clear trays are removable, regular brushing and flossing is easier and patients can keep their smiles as clean as they normally could.

Last but not least is one more benefit to consider: with nothing to tighten, Invisalign Teen requires fewer office visits. That’s because treatment involves moving from one clear, custom-made tray to another about every two weeks. Our Kidtastic team will still check on your teen’s progress, but only occasionally. With fewer office visits, your teen can enjoy fewer disruptions to after-school activities, like sports, theater, or working at a part-time job.

Personalized Care

Your teen’s treatment with Invisalign will begin with a special consultation appointment at Kidtastic. Our doctors will use this consultation to determine whether Invisalign Teen is really the best option for your son or daughter. If it is, our pediatric dentist will begin planning every phases of the treatment in detail, which includes gathering as much information about the patient’s smile as possible.

Do you want to know if Invisalign Teen is right for your son or daughter? Our pediatric dentists would be happy to help you. Call our office today to reserve a consultation appointment for your teen.