Pediatric Oral Exam and Cleaning

Gilbert Pediatric Dental Exams & xrays

At Kidtastic, we’re all about the kids and want to provide the best care possible for your children. That’s why we strongly urge parents to bring their children in for a pediatric oral exam every six months. Children have sensitive oral care that should be regularly monitored in order to ensure it’s progressing as it should.

What to Expect

When a child comes in for their regular checkup, their teeth will be professionally cleaned. We call these wellness exams and they start around age 3-4, or whenever your child has gained all their teeth. This ensures bacteria and plaque buildup are cleared away. These are the two main causes of tooth decay and gum disease which is something that needs to be avoided. Especially with younger, more sensitive smiles. Professional cleanings can provide protection from these issues occurring.

Your child may have to undergo X-rays during their general visit. This allows us to gain even more information about your child’s smile, especially for the parts that go unseen. However, X-rays will only be taken in specific instances. Fluoride treatments and dental sealants may also be a part of the pediatric oral exam which only further protects your child’s smile.

A Child’s First Visit

It can be confusing knowing when to schedule your child’s first dentist appointment. It’s a good rule of thumb to schedule a visit as soon as your child has their first tooth come through. Waiting until they have all their baby teeth isn’t advised, it could mean it’s too late to catch early issues. Once they’re older, around 3-4, they will begin wellness checks which is the procedure listed above.

Taking care of your child’s teeth before they even come in is a topic many parents don’t think about. Before they’re old enough to have teeth, gauze or a wet washcloth should be used to lightly scrub the gums. This keeps any bacteria from causing decay before the teeth even arrive. Beautiful healthy gums are also a lead in to having other health issues stay at bay. Baby teeth, although replaced by adult teeth, are still very important. Not only do they allow a child to consume a nutritious and healthy diet, but it teaches them how to properly chew, along with other beneficial aspects. Therefore, all dental care at all ages is just as important as any other.

Our pediatric dentists in Gilbert, Our Mesa Pediatric dental office and the Queen Creek children’s dentists are always willing and ready to answer any questions you may have, as a parent, about your child’s oral health. If the parent is educated, then the child will have a smoother oral growth process. The pediatric dentists are also willing to talk to your children about oral health practices and how important they are for their future health. Sometimes, hearing this information explained by a professional instead of a parent helps it sink in a little more. Our goal is to ensure that parent and child are educated, happy, and satisfied.

Come see us to ensure you child’s oral health is the best it can be!