What Are Dental Sealants and How Do They Work?


Brushing and flossing is effective, but some teeth are just harder to clean than others. Often, these are the molars at the very back of the mouth. Not only are they difficult to reach, they also have small grooves, pits, and crevasses where bacteria and debris can accumulate, creating the potential for decay. That’s why our pediatric dentists at Kidtastic offer a service known as dental sealants. With dental sealants, our young patients can enjoy years of protection from decay in these hard-to-reach areas.

Protecting a smile with dental sealants is quick, comfortable, and provides results that can last for years to come. The process can be completed in just a single office visit. First, our Kidtastic pediatric dentist will start by thoroughly cleaning your little one’s teeth. Then, after they’ve been conditioned and dried, a liquid sealant will be applied to the teeth that are most vulnerable. The last and final step will involve drying the sealant. Often, doctors will use a special curing light for this. Once dried, the sealant will become a thin, plastic barrier protecting fissures and pits from bacteria and decay.

Determining which teeth should have a sealant applied will depend entirely on what our pediatric dentist discovers during an oral exam. Not every tooth is as vulnerable as another. As we mentioned earlier, hard-to-reach teeth like the molars are good candidates, but any tooth that could potentially be a magnet for bacteria and decay can also have a sealant applied.

If you’re concerned about covering the cost of dental sealants, you’ll be glad to know that most dental insurance providers cover them. Even if they don’t, though, sealants are a relatively inexpensive dental service. To find out whether your insurance company covers dental sealants, talk to them about your benefits. You can also talk to our Kidtastic team about the cost. Following an oral exam, we would be happy to talk to you about how many teeth would benefit from protection with sealants.

Protecting baby teeth from decay is important because baby teeth themselves are important. Baby teeth create room for permanent teeth to come in, in addition to creating a path for them to follow. If a baby tooth is lost early because of decay, your child’s smile may not develop the way it should. As a result, corrective care may be needed later on. But you can help protect your child’s smile with dental sealants.

At Kidtastic our doctors and team members have years of experience and training that has equipped them to handle a wide variety of oral health issues involving the youngest children. We can provide your little one with care that a family dentist just can’t. Call one of our offices today to reserve an appointment for your child. Our locations in MesaGilbert andQueen Creek let us to serve a wide range of Arizona patients from surrounding areas. We’re always happy to help our patients with questions, including questions about nutrition, oral care, and so much more. We look forward to hearing from you!