Tooth Trauma

Children can be a handful sometimes which includes getting rowdy, or even getting themselves hurt. As children grow and develop, they’re not as stable and coordinated as adults are. Because of this, they can get hurt more easily. Outside of that, children are fragile in general which means they seem to come up with more… Read more »

Speech Issues for Toddlers and Children

There can be so many issues or stumbling blocks that pop up with our children, especially as they age. As babies, it’s not as easy to tell. However, when they get old enough to start talking and be more mobile, that’s when little signs or even big signs start to pop up. One of these… Read more »

Holiday Sugar Rush – Ways to protect your Kids Teeth

The holidays are full of family, fun, and cheer. However, it’s also full of lots of sugary goodness around every corner. It’s such a special time but, it’s also a time to pay special attention to our children’s teeth since they can take a bit of a beating. While showing our children a wonderful time… Read more »

Symptoms of Tongue-Tie

The term “getting tongue-tied” is commonly used but, many don’t know that it’s an actual condition in children. Tongue-tie, also known as ankyloglossia, is something that occurs at birth that can limit a child’s range of motion with their tongue. This isn’t always caught at the hospital but, it can be caught at home. If… Read more »

Benefits of Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride treatments have long been an effective tool and treatment to keep patients’ oral health in tip top shape. Fluoride is a natural mineral that ensures teeth stay strong and it fights off decay, cavities, and the bad bacteria that causes these issues. Most importantly, the enamel which makes up the outer layer of the… Read more »

Is Nitrous Oxide Safe for Children?

Nitrous oxide has long been used in the medical/dental field. It’s a gas used for sedation as well as pain relief. It affects everyone differently based on may factors. However, a professional has the knowledge of how much to use and when to use and not use it with patients. What is nitrous oxide? Nitrous… Read more »

How Do You Clean an Athletic Mouth Guard?

Let’s face it, just about anything having to do with sports needs a good washing at the end of the day. The same goes for an athletic mouth guard. If it was used during an intense game or just a basic practice, it’s still important that it be thoroughly washed after each use. Nobody wants… Read more »