Cavities in Baby Teeth

When it comes to babies, it may seem odd to consider that cavities could be an issue. After all, it seems like it takes a period of years for patients to develop cavities. However, as impossible as it seems, babies are very susceptible to cavities and they definitely get them, even at such an early… Read more »

Pediatric Versus Family or Adult Dentist

Many people may be unaware that there are various types of dentists. Each type of dentist indicates the age or type of dentistry they may cover. This means that each went through specific training to cover the various stages of teeth since this can vary and change as people age. Not to mention, there are… Read more »

Make Oral Hygiene Fun

As your kids start to get older you may start to worry about their teeth, and if cavities are wreaking havoc on their cute little smiles. This is a valid concern and good for you to worry. There is good news though, almost 100 percent of gingivitis and oral health problems are preventable according to… Read more »