Important Facts About Baby Teeth

Baby teeth are often seen as less important teeth because they’re eventually replaced by adult teeth. However, baby teeth are just important as adult teeth for many reasons. In fact, many people, including parents, don’t know as much about baby teeth as they do the adult teeth. Here are some facts about baby teeth you… Read more »

What to do when Your Kid Crack a Tooth?

It can be unsettling when children get hurt. If you’ve never experienced a child cracking their tooth, it may be difficult to know what to do at first. Even if you’ve experienced this before, that doesn’t mean you’ll remember all your options each time it happens since, odds are, it won’t happen often. If you… Read more »

Food and Drinks That Stain Children’s Teeth

In our current society, there are a plethora of fun foods and drinks that can attribute to the staining of children’s teeth. There are even some natural and nutritious food and drinks that can stain a child’s teeth. Therefore, it’s always smart to be aware of these in order to counteract their effects on a… Read more »

Tooth Trauma

Children can be a handful sometimes which includes getting rowdy, or even getting themselves hurt. As children grow and develop, they’re not as stable and coordinated as adults are. Because of this, they can get hurt more easily. Outside of that, children are fragile in general which means they seem to come up with more… Read more »

Speech Issues for Toddlers and Children

There can be so many issues or stumbling blocks that pop up with our children, especially as they age. As babies, it’s not as easy to tell. However, when they get old enough to start talking and be more mobile, that’s when little signs or even big signs start to pop up. One of these… Read more »