Make Oral Hygiene Fun

As your kids start to get older you may start to worry about their teeth, and if cavities are wreaking havoc on their cute little smiles. This is a valid concern and good for you to worry. There is good news though, almost 100 percent of gingivitis and oral health problems are preventable according to… Read more »

Back to School Snacks That Will Help With Oral Hygiene

It’s that time of year again where kids are headed back to school. This means parents are busy buying clothes, getting school supplies, and thinking up lunch ideas. There’s also the need for snacks since it seems kids are always hungry before, during, and after school. Many snacks can contain a lot of bad ingredients… Read more »

How to Make Eating Right Fun for Your Kids

Getting kids to eat healthy can be like wrestling a bear. OK, that might be a tad dramatic, but it sure feels that way when you’re dealing with the struggle day after day. Often times, struggles like getting your kids to eat right, can be overcome by making it fun. Getting kids to believe that… Read more »