The Best Teething Toys for Babies

A teething baby is a very unhappy baby. Their poor little teeth are pushing through their gums, causing aching gums and pain. This pain can branch into their little cheeks, faces, jaws, etc. Chewing on certain toys or other items brings some relief to this phase in a baby’s life. However, some items aren’t as… Read more »

A Mom’s Guide to Teething Fever

Teething can be a tough time for both a baby and its mother. However, it can also be an exciting time because it means the baby is healthy and growing a beautiful smile. The term “teething fever” is commonly used during this phase of a baby’s life. Every mother frets over the health and wellness… Read more »

When Should I Correct My Child’s Overbite?

Many children have overbites, which leads parents to wonder when they should take them to an orthodontist to be corrected, and if correcting it is even necessary. Unfortunately, overbites need to be corrected and the sooner it’s fixed, the better. Leaving overbites untreated can lead to developmental problems and can potentially damage the teeth. Evaluating… Read more »

Top 5 Mother’s Day Gifts That Promote Dental Health

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking of gift ideas that she’ll love. This year, get your mom the gift of a beautiful smile! Here are five gift ideas that promote dental health, and will leave your mom smiling for ear to ear. Waterpik Flosser Moms are so busy that… Read more »

Upcoming Museum Programs and Events for Families with Children

Looking to get your children out of the house this Spring? The city of Chandler is hosting a variety of events that preschoolers, teens and everyone in between will love. Don’t miss these fun events that make for perfect educational family outings! Sharing Our Heritage: Chandler Latino Voices When: Saturday, March 5, 2016 2:00 p.m.-3:30… Read more »

Preventing Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Baby teeth may be temporary but they are still susceptible to tooth decay and cavities. We want your baby’s teeth to fall out when they are ready not because they have fallen victim to tooth decay! Children need healthy, strong teeth to speak, chew their food and have an adorable smile. One of the leading… Read more »

Tips on How to Get your Kids to Brush Their Teeth?

Encouraging your kids to brush their teeth even once a day can come as a challenge and may even be down right frustrating! So how do you make sure they’re keeping up with their dental hygiene? These tips will motivate your kids to brush and may even turn this chore into fun. Get a fun… Read more »