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    How To Care for Baby Teeth

    It’s common to think that because baby teeth will eventually fall out, they’re not that important, but the health of primary teeth in childhood can have a big impact on...
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  • Dental Sealants

    One service our pediatric dentists recommend is dental sealants. Since the 1970s, dentists have been using dental sealants to help children enjoy a better oral health.

    $20 per molar

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Pediatric Dentist Gilbert, AZ

Welcome to Kidtastic Pediatric Dental and Orthodontics! We are a specially trained team of children's dentists and helpers dedicated to providing the best quality care for your little ones. With three Arizona locations, we strive to serve you and your children with the most convenient care.

Why Do We Stand Out?

We’re unique in that we’re not just a family dentistry practice. We have completed special training, beyond traditional dentistry school, within the area of children’s oral care. Since children’s oral care differs from that of adults, we strive to provide the best care suited specifically for your child. We know and understand that they’re not “little adults” and need special care when it comes to experiencing something that can potentially be scary like dental work.

We know that you only want the best for your children, that’s why we ensure that you and your children understand the importance of their oral care. We love talking to the children about topics such as flossing and brushing regularly. We also are open to any questions, you, as a parent, may have about the oral care of your child.

We pride ourselves on using state of the art equipment to ensure your child is in a safe, secure, and comfortable environment at all times. Our main goal is to make the dentist a fun and welcoming place. We offer a wide array of services from general pediatric dentistry to orthodontics for kids and teens. With 3 convienent east valley locations you can be sure that you will find a dentist that your whole family loves.

Athletic Mouthguards – If your child plays sports, a mouthguard can be just as important as shin pads or a helmet. Protect those pearly whites while still allowing the kids their fun with sports without worry.

Dental Sealants – Those little smiles are fragile which is why dental sealants are often suggested as a preventative measure. They are placed over the top of the tooth as a liquid and then dried into a thin sheet in order to protect the tooth from bacteria and decay.

Fluoride Treatments – Fluoride treatments are quick and painless. Fluoride protects teeth from decay by attracting good vitamins and minerals. It also repairs any decay caused by bad bacteria.

General Dentistry – Children, like adults, need regular checkups to ensure their oral care is progressing nicely. During these general checkups steps such as, taking X-rays, checking for decay, etc. will occur. This is also a great time for the pediatric dentist to talk to you and your child in depth about their oral care for the present and future.

Invisalign for Teens – Braces are often necessary, especially once kids get older and have lost all their baby teeth. Instead of going with the traditional route which includes metal brackets, your teen can have the option of Invisalign instead!

Sedation – Visiting the dentist can often times be a very stressful even for children and adults alike. We offer a safe sedation option in order to help your child through their visit in the most comfortable way possible.

Let us show you what we’re so proud about by visiting one of our locations in Mesa, Queen Creek, or Gilbert, Arizona!