Are Dental X-rays Safe?


A lot can be accomplished with a traditional visual exam. Sometimes, though, doctors—including dentists—need a more detailed view of their patient to fully understand what his or her needs are. That’s why medical professionals use X-rays. With X-rays, doctors can see what the naked eye alone can’t, leading to improvements in the quality of care patients receive.

But because X-ray machines do emit radiation, it’s fair to ask how safe they are, especially for children. The truth is, dental x-rays pose very little risk for young patients. That’s because of the great care that pediatric dentists take to protect them. Lead aprons provide effective protection from radiation while high-speed film works quickly to collect the images we need. With digital dental X-rays, there is no film, and patients are exposed to an even lower amount of radiation than with traditional devices. All of which means that, when your child sees one of our Kidtastic pediatric dentists for care, you don’t have to worry about the effect of X-rays.

Still, we understand that there may be some lingering concern, which is why dental X-rays are only taken if we suspect that we may find something important. Our pediatric dentist will rely first and foremost on a visual exam and on the medical and dental history of your child. That will help our Kidtastic team determine when, or if, a dental X-ray should be taken. Children who are more vulnerable to cavities will need to have X-rays taken more often than children who are less prone to them.

X-rays do more than just help pediatric dentists diagnose cavities, though. Doctors also use them to monitor the development of young teeth, plan orthodontic care, diagnose bone diseases, and effectively treat patients who have been injured. This means that even patients who have never had a cavity can benefit from dental X-rays. They help doctors make early diagnoses, leading in turn to proactive care that is more comfortable and comes at a smaller expense.

Once our Kidtastic pediatric dentists have finished taking X-rays of your little one’s mouth, we can use the finished results to talk to both of you about the care he’ll need. Having an image we can point to makes understanding care easier. We also strive to explain everything in language your young child can understand.

Is it time for your child’s next visit? Whether your child has just gotten his first tooth or just need a regular checkup, call Kidtastic today to reserve an appointment. With our team’s years of experience and knowledge, plus our comprehensive selection of dental services, we’re confident that we can help your child with his most important oral care needs. We can also talk to both of your about a range of important topics. That includes offering nutritional advice and talking about the dangers of prolonged thumb sucking or pacifier use. We’re dedicated to helping children of all ages build healthy smiles and would be happy to address any questions or concerns you might have.