Back to School Snacks That Will Help With Oral Hygiene


It’s that time of year again where kids are headed back to school. This means parents are busy buying clothes, getting school supplies, and thinking up lunch ideas. There’s also the need for snacks since it seems kids are always hungry before, during, and after school. Many snacks can contain a lot of bad ingredients that harm children’s teeth. However, follow these suggestions for back to school snacks that will help with oral hygiene.

Citrus Fruits

When eaten in normal serving amounts, citrus fruits of all kinds are great for a child’s teeth. The acid that naturally occurs in these types of fruits helps remove buildup on teeth. This means a child’s teeth will naturally be cleaned and whitened simply by eating a common citrus fruit.

Dairy Products

Dairy products such as milk, cheese, and yogurt are great for children’s teeth because these foods are high in calcium. Calcium is one of the top minerals needed for your teeth to stay strong and healthy. There’s also a special protein in dairy products that helps neutralize acid from bacteria in the mouth. This acid can cause harmful effects to teeth if not cleared away.

Crunchy Fruits and Vegetables

Apple slices, celery, and carrots are good examples of fruits and vegetables that are great for your child’s oral health. These options tend to have more fiber which means they take longer to chew and produce more saliva which helps keep gums clean. Plus, they also have fibers that get between teeth, helping remove debris that’s hard to reach. Their crunchy nature helps scrape gunk off of teeth as well.

Green Foods

No, not the dyed green foods such as gummy worms. The type of green foods your child needs for strong, healthy teeth are foods such as broccoli and spinach. Naturally green foods are chalk full of vitamins and minerals vital to the health of your body in general, but especially your teeth. These foods often tend to be high in fiber as well, which help in the same way the crunchy vegetables above do.

Nuts and Seeds

Be mindful with nuts how hard they are as they can damage teeth if they are too hard to chew. However, nuts and seeds in general help replenish the enamel your teeth lose over time. Enamel is what protects your teeth and keeps them white. Without it, teeth look dull and are overly sensitive to many temperatures, sugars, etc. It can cause eating in general to be an uncomfortable experience.

In general, it’s smart to stay away from sugary foods and drinks. These can cause a ton of harm to your child’s teeth, and over time, cause permanent damage or issues if not remedied. This school year, give your child the confidence of a beautiful and healthy smile by offering them snacks that will aid in their continued healthy oral hygiene.