Best Books about Teeth for Children


Books have always been a fun way of learning new things. Not just that, but they’ve also been a great way to get children and adults alike, excited about certain topics. Books are a perfect resource for teaching children about teeth as well as teaching them about the importance of dental hygiene and the process of keeping teeth clean and healthy. Sometimes, parents or dental professionals just telling children all this information doesn’t always help or allow the child to catch on to what they’re being taught. Therefore, books offer another way to teach children all about teeth and oral health. Here are a few of our favorite books when it comes to teaching children about this topic.

Brush Your Teeth, Please

This book involves animals of all kinds, teaching children that brushing teeth is important. This book is a pop-up which is always a hit with children.

The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist

The Berenstain Bears have been around for quite a long time, teaching children all about many different experiences. Their book about what it’s like to visit the dentist is a classic and continues to be one of our top favorites. This book is a wonderful way to help children realize that the dentist isn’t scary and can be a fun experience.

Open Wide: Tooth School Inside

When it comes to teaching children all about the science behind our mouths, it’s much easier when it’s made to be a fun learning experience. This book teaches children all kinds of fun facts about the mouth making it easy for them to learn while making it memorable at the same time.

Just Going to the Dentist

These little critter golden books are a classic and have been around for a few decades. They continue to be a cute source for making kids feel at ease with normal every day occasions they may run into. In this book, little critter visits the dentist and talks about his experience along the way.

Pete the Cat and the Lost Tooth

Although this isn’t quite a factual book, it’s still a fun read. It allows kids to imagine what it would be like to be a tooth fairy for a day. As parents, playing the tooth fairy can be fun and allowing kids to imagine that losing a tooth can be a fun and imaginative experience is part of the learning and coping process.

Children It’s Time to Meet Your Teeth

This book is a fun and easy way for children to learn all about their teeth. Why they’re there, what each type of tooth is meant for, etc. This book delves into the specifics of teeth in a fun and factual way making it easy for children to learn and remember all about their teeth.

My Tooth is About to Fall Out

This book is the story of a young girl with her first wobbly tooth. A tooth that is about to fall out can be a scary process for a child. However, this book helps them see and understand that a loose tooth is normal and will happen quite a few more times as their baby teeth are replaced by adult teeth.

There are countless books for children, teaching them about teeth and all the circumstances they might find themselves in involving their mouth/teeth. These are a few of our favorites.