Best Brushing Techniques for Children


As children grow, it’s our job as parents to teach them how to properly care for themselves. This involves teaching them the best techniques for brushing their teeth. Sometimes, not even adults understand the best techniques for brushing teeth in order to pass them on to their children. If you yourself are unsure of the best techniques to teach your child for brushing their teeth or just need to brush up on the information, here are a few tips.

Brushing Time

One of the most important techniques is helping your child learn how long they should brush their teeth for, not just how to brush them. There are a plethora of apps that make this concept fun for children or even using a sand timer. It’s important that children brush their teeth for at least two minutes. It’s hard to keep a child’s attention for this long which is why it’s vital to teach them techniques for making it through those two minutes. As suggested, apps help with this, as well as making a game out of it. Sand timers the kids can watch also help.

Tablets for Plaque

Another way to ensure children are brushing effectively is to use plaque-finding tablets. The child chews the tablet and then a bright color lets them know where all the dirtiest spots are in their mouth. This will allow the child to gain muscle memory in reaching all the right places. This will also help them focus on something other than how long it’s taking to complete this one task of brushing their teeth. This technique doesn’t have to be used forever but, wean them off of it once you think they have the concept of how to brush, down pat.

Making it a Game

Learning a technique sometimes takes hands-on play for children. In fact, a play is one of the best ways for a child to learn and explore for their cognitive development. Show them how to do it on a doll or other toy and then let them play dentist with you to learn how to properly brush. Of course, you can try and let them play a dentist on you as well but, that could end painfully.

Other Techniques to Teach

During play, using apps, singing a song, whatever you choose to teach your child the art of brushing their teeth, be sure to incorporate the following specifics.

How to hold the brush – Holding the brush at certain angles is important for reaching all the correct spots. Be sure your child understands how to angle and maneuver the brush properly (45-degree angle is suggested).

Brushing softly and not overly hard – Even we as adults can get a little feisty when we’re brushing our teeth which can cause our gums to bleed and, over time, wear away the enamel on our teeth.

How much toothpaste to use – Many kids will not use enough toothpaste (and sometimes, too much). Teach them the importance of using enough toothpaste and how to put it on their brush.

Brushing their tongue – Even adults sometimes forget to clean their tongue during their daily brushing routine. However, the tongue can really build up bad bacteria and junk. Teach kids how to properly brush their tongue and why it’s a vital part of a brushing routine.

Our children rely on us for so much. Be sure you’re giving your child all the best information to ensure their oral health is the best it can be as they grow.