Dental Hygiene Tips for Toddlers


It can be easy to forget that our toddlers can be pretty rough on their teeth. It’s up to the parents to keep those teeth in tip top shape. Whether they’re baby teeth or adult teeth, both are equally important to the oral health of your toddler. Here are a few top tips to keeping your toddler’s teeth nice and healthy.

Supervise Brushing

Although you may have taught your child how to brush their teeth, toddlers are known for their fibs or lack of effort. They’re too young to understand how important a good brushing is for their oral health. This is why it’s important for parents to supervise tooth brushing to ensure children are doing it properly. If you were unable to supervise the brushing, take a quick glance at their teeth to ensure the teeth were actually brushed.

Save Sweets for After Meals

It’s a common occurrence for dessert to happen after dinner. However, did you know there was a reason for this? After a meal is when the most saliva is produced which will protect the teeth from the harmful effects of sweets. Less saliva means less protection for teeth.

Do it For Them

Sometimes, children are too young to have the coordination to brush their own teeth properly. Pay close attention and ensure your child is capable of thoroughly brushing their teeth. If not, let them start and you finish. Most children like to do things themselves however, if teeth aren’t cleaned properly, it can cause oral health issues. Therefore, letting them brush first makes them feel like they got to do their part while the parents can fill in and ensure it was thorough.

Be an Example

Children learn from example. This means, as the parent, the best tip for teaching your toddler dental hygiene is by showing them. Not just showing them while they’re brushing but, brushing your teeth with them. Outside of that, if the parent keeps it as a regular routine, the toddler sees this and picks up on it as something they need to do as well.

Avoid Bottle Issues

It can be common for a toddler to want to go to bed with a bottle. If this is the case, try and make it a habit that the liquid in the bottle is water. Liquids such as juice and milk are full of sugar which clings to a toddler’s teeth which aids the growth of bad bacteria.

Switch Up the Sippy Cup

Sippy cups are great as a transition tool from bottle to normal cup. However, if used constantly, especially with drinks containing sugar, they can cause rotting or decay on the back of the upper teeth. Try to switch up their options as far as drinking goes and reduce sugar from their drinks as much as possible.

A child’s oral health is very important, especially in their younger years when they’re in the middle of so many transitions. It’s vital that the parents pay close attention to the habits they let populate in order to help direct a child down the right path. It may be difficult at times but, it’s worth it for the future of a child’s oral health.