Electric Toothbrush for Kids


Electric toothbrushes have grown in popularity over the past few years. Not just for adults but, for children as well. However, with popularity rising with electric toothbrushes among children, it’s important that parents know and understand the limits to use as well as guidelines that should be followed. These guidelines will help protect a child’s oral health and keep them from unneeded dental work.

Wait Until They’re Three

The best time to start using an electric toothbrush with a child is when they’re about three years old. An electric toothbrush can be extra rough on a child’s teeth and gums. A softer, more appropriate baby toothbrush should be used until a child is at least three years. At this point, the parent should be the one to brush the child’s teeth, whether with a manual or electric toothbrush. This routine should be followed until a child is about seven years old. At this age, children are more suited to cleaning their own teeth thoroughly.

Use the Correct Kind

It’s important that parents use an electric toothbrush made for children. An adult electric toothbrush could be too rigorous and do more harm than good, overall. Always be sure to check the size of the head of the toothbrush to ensure it fits into your child’s mouth well. If it’s too big, you or the child won’t be able to effectively reach the furthest portions of their mouth. This could lead to missing certain areas of the mouth. Over a period of time, this could result in decay, cavities, gum disease, etc. The best heads to choose are round tips since these fit into the further areas of the mouth better without poking the cheek too much. The most important aspect is choosing a toothbrush that’s comfortable in your child’s mouth.

They Work Better

Electric toothbrushes have been shown to remove more plaque and debris from a child’s teeth. So, these often end up being the number one choice by dental professionals. However, there’s nothing wrong with using a traditional, manual, toothbrush. These have always been effective and do a great job at keeping a child’s teeth as healthy as can be. If the correct manual toothbrush is chosen and a good oral health routine is kept, there will be no oral health issues stemming from the type of toothbrush chosen. This basic method goes for all toothbrushes no matter the age of the person.

When it comes to kid’s electrical toothbrushes, there are some pretty fun choices out there. Electric toothbrushes can be a great way to get your child excited about their oral health routine. This often means an easier time for the parents and a healthier smile for the kids.