Food and Drinks That Stain Children’s Teeth


In our current society, there are a plethora of fun foods and drinks that can attribute to the staining of children’s teeth. There are even some natural and nutritious food and drinks that can stain a child’s teeth. Therefore, it’s always smart to be aware of these in order to counteract their effects on a child’s teeth. If they go unchecked, it could cause embarrassing stains on your child’s teeth and it might force them to have more dental work in their future in order to fix the discoloration.


Sweet tea is common in many parts of the United States. Although it’s a much healthier option than soda, tea still carries properties that cause it to stain your teeth. Tea bags have long been used as a way to offer a natural stain to items such as clothing. Therefore, it’s only logical that a drink made out of tea would cause stains over time.

Sports Drinks

Although sports drinks can be a wonderful source of electrolytes, the artificial dye inside of them can cause staining to a child’s teeth over time. If a child is involved in sports or other activities, they may end up ingesting quite a bit of sports drinks. There’s nothing wrong with your child drinking sports drinks, just ensure they are brushing their teeth thoroughly after drinking it and before bedtime.


Believe it or not, may types of berries can cause your teeth to become stained. They’re very healthy for your but, many berries have a very dark and colorful juice that even stains counters within one touch. Our teeth are a little more resilient than a counter might be, however, with enough consumption, berries can start to cause a discoloration. Definitely continue to eat berries, just be wise about your brushing habits when ingesting them.


Popsicles turn into a liquid but are also a solid so, this could fall under food or drink. Popsicles are an awesome summer treat. They’re the perfect way to cool off. However, they are quick to stain your child’s teeth due to the high amounts of artificial dye they include.

Clear Soda

Many parents will attempt to only let their children drink clear soda as a way to protect their teeth. Although this is a good idea in theory, it doesn’t alleviate staining. Dark soda is quicker to stain teeth; however, clear soda is not exempt from causing this either. Soda in general is acidic and can wear away at the enamel of your teeth. Not only can soda cause decay and bad bacteria from the high sugar content but, with the acidic nature eating away at the enamel, this can cause yellowing of the teeth.

There’s a long list of foods and drinks that could cause staining to your child’s teeth. Not all of these items are bad for your child which means they don’t necessarily have to be taken out of their diet. However, items such as candy, soda, etc. should be given in small quantity and limited since these aren’t a good option for children all the way around.