Holiday Sugar Rush – Ways to protect your Kids Teeth


The holidays are full of family, fun, and cheer. However, it’s also full of lots of sugary goodness around every corner. It’s such a special time but, it’s also a time to pay special attention to our children’s teeth since they can take a bit of a beating. While showing our children a wonderful time of the year, we also must pay special attention to protecting their teeth. Here are a few tips on staying on top of that sugar rush during the holidays.

Add an Extra Brushing Time

Since there’s tons of sugar going into our little ones’ mouths, it’s a great idea to step up a good oral hygiene routine. Most people have their children brush their teeth 1-2 times a day. It’s a good idea to add in an extra brushing time during the holidays to ensure that extra sugar doesn’t stay on their teeth too long.

Try to Limit Sugar Intake

Although the holidays are a time for sugary treats, this doesn’t mean there should be no limit. Try to not let children eat too much sugary goodness. It can be hard to limit what they get at school or from family members, however, try if possible. They may fight it but, find a fun way to help them understand that’s a good thing and not a bad thing.

Get a Checkup

With the holidays, children will be out of school which means more time to fit in important appointments. Use this extra time to fit in a little dental checkup and cleaning right after the holidays. This will ensure none of those delicious treats hang on and cause permanent decay or issues.

Have Them Drink Water Before Bed

If your child likes to drink a sippy or something similar to fall asleep, have them drink water instead of juice or milk. With all the extra sugar in general during the holidays, eliminating it as much as possible while they sleep will help ensure less damage occurs. While they sleep is when that bad bacteria likes to do the majority of its work. So, overnight is an important time for oral health in a child.

Try to Go Light on Hard Candies

You don’t want to remove their sweet treats during the holidays, however, you can at least limit their access to harmful candies. Candy such as candy canes, jawbreakers, and other hard candy can actually cause your child’s tooth to break or crack. This can be devastating especially if your child damaged an adult tooth. Baby teeth are just as important however, there’s more permanent damage when it’s an adult tooth.

Overall, the holidays are about fun and cheer but, don’t let that fun and cheer be ruined with an added trip to the dentist.