How Do You Clean an Athletic Mouth Guard?


Let’s face it, just about anything having to do with sports needs a good washing at the end of the day. The same goes for an athletic mouth guard. If it was used during an intense game or just a basic practice, it’s still important that it be thoroughly washed after each use. Nobody wants that gross bacteria building up and causing issues. If you’re unsure about the best way to clean an athletic mouth guard, we can help.

Use a Cleanser for Dentures

I’m sure that sounds a little strange but, it works like a dream. You see, dentures work in the same way a mouth guard does. They go in your mouth and remain there for a period of time, taking on saliva, bacteria, etc. In order to keep dentures in tip top shape, they’re soaked, which involves less scrubbing. They can just be dropped in a cup of the cleaner and be left until needed again. You can do the same thing with an athletic mouth guard.

Use Soap

If you have a gentle soap, even if it’s hand soap, this will work just fine for cleaning an athletic mouth guard. However, always check to make sure that the soap is a gentle form and not a harsh one. Dishwashing soap often works the best. Be sure to have an extra toothbrush you use specifically for this purpose. Don’t use the same toothbrush for this task as you do on a daily basis for your normal teeth.

Homemade Vinegar Soak

If you prefer making your own homemade soak or cleaner, a vinegar mixture works quite well. Mix together half water and half white vinegar to make a soak, similar to a denture soak. Simply soak the mouth guard in this solution and all the junk that got stuck to it will soak off. It’s always good to give it a quick brush after you take it out of the solution. This ensures that all the gunk came off.


Be careful as some mouth guards cannot be around extreme heat or they will be ruined. However, the majority of mouth guards can be boiled in order to be sterilized. It only needs to boil for a few minutes in order to be sterile, so be sure to not over boil the mouth guard.

There are other options out there on the internet that suggest using a bleach solution. Since bleach is toxic to humans, we do not suggest using it as a means to clean any mouth guard. Always check with a dental professional before doing anything with your mouth guard. Especially if chemicals and such are involved. This could potentially save you time, money, and stress down the road.