How to Make Eating Right Fun for Your Kids


Getting kids to eat healthy can be like wrestling a bear. OK, that might be a tad dramatic, but it sure feels that way when you’re dealing with the struggle day after day. Often times, struggles like getting your kids to eat right, can be overcome by making it fun. Getting kids to believe that eating their veggies is fun can be a challenge, but there are a few tips and tricks that have proven successful many times over.

Set an Example

Getting kids to eat right is often easier when they see their parents eating right. This means, if you’re eating cheetos, they’re going to want to eat them. However, if they always see mom or dad eating carrots or an apple, they’ll get used to this and want to follow suit. If it’s made into a routine or something they’re always used to seeing, it can be more fun and less of a struggle. Make it a family habit and kids will connect with it on multiple levels.

Read Books About Eating Healthy

Books can bring kids into a world of imagination. This often helps them learn and love things in a different way than other tactics. If their favorite character in a book is eating healthy, they usually find it fun to do the same thing. When you present a healthy meal, talk to them about their favorite character eating some of the same foods. You can even help them make believe they are their favorite character and act out a scene from their favorite book.

Make Up Songs

Kids absolutely love songs. Most of the more popular cartoons out there these days use songs to help teach kids good habits. Children are learning to brush their teeth, get ready for bed, tie their shoes, etc. all from songs they hear. Teach them a fun song and make it part of the eating routine and kids will correlate eating healthy with something positive and happy. This will make eating healthy, in general, a fun and memorable time rather than a stressful struggle.

Make the Foods Fun

Kids tend to enjoy when foods are fun and will be more likely to eat them when they’re neat. For example, turning celery into a caterpillar or ants on a log. There are countless fun ideas online that make healthy foods such as fruit and veggies more appealing when serving them to children. It’s not difficult to do this and you can even get the kids involved on making these fun little treats as well.

There are countless ways that eating right can be fun for kids and even adults. When it comes down to it, it’s our job as parents to show our children that eating healthy isn’t boring, it’s fun and can be a positive experience!