How to Make Teeth Brushing Fun?


Sometimes, when it comes to things such as hygiene and chores, kids can be a little hard to handle. As parents, you know these have to happen one way or the other, so you come up with tactics that will get you through the routine each time. Some kids enjoy brushing their teeth while others don’t. Either way, it’s still nice to make any task fun for kids.

Give them a Toothbrush

When they’re younger, kids don’t usually brush their own teeth and have to have it done for them. To distract them and make it a little more fun, give them a toothbrush to play with. Sometimes including a toy allows them to brush its teeth while you’re bushing theirs. This makes it feel like they’re a part of what’s happening.

Use Music

Growing up, kids are taught to brush their teeth for two minutes. Sometimes, using a special tooth brushing song, or any song for that matter, can make it special. You can make it a fun routine they look forward to, using the same song so it brings meaning to the moment.

Brush Your Teeth with Them

All Kids learn by example whether we wish it were true or not. Instead of brushing your teeth at a different time, brush them with your children. Show them what you’re doing and let them follow along. If they’re too little to brush their own alongside you, let them brush your teeth before or after you brush theirs. Make them feel like they’re not the only one having to do it.

Turn it Into a Story

Kids love using their imaginations. It makes everything a fun adventure, even the boring part of the day where they have to brush their teeth. In order to make it a little more exciting is by turning brush time into story time. Have them help you come up with a story for why they need to brush their teeth. Think of a villain they need to catch with their toothbrush that’s running around inside their mouth, etc. It will make their imaginations run wild and help this time of the day go off without a hitch.

Cheer for Them

Get excited about them brushing their teeth. Have them brush each tooth, one at a time, then cheer or do something funny once they finish each tooth. When they’re finished with their entire mouth, do a “finale dance.” Not only do you get to come up with your own little routine that provides wonderful memories down the road, but your child will connect this time of the day with positive memories.

Children sometimes just need to be shown that even the simplest of tasks that can be boring, can actually be fun. There are so many ideas you can use to make brushing their teeth fun. However, we hope these tips put you in the right direction for turning oral hygiene into a positive experience.