Importance of Dental Sealants for Toddlers


With children, there are many aspects to their health that are important to remember. It can seem overwhelming at first and definitely continues to be at times, for parents. One important oral health aspect that should be taken into consideration by most parents are dental sealants. With younger children, it can feel odd to think they may already need to have dental procedures done. However, dental sealants are a type of preventative care that will aid in the future of your toddler’s oral health, possibly keeping them from having to visit the dentist more often than is necessary.

What is a Dental Sealant?

A sealant is made out of a plastic material and comes in liquid form. This liquid plastic is painted over the chewing surface of a child’s teeth. This is usually done on the molars since they are the teeth that have the larger, flatter chewing surfaces. The surfaces on these teeth have deep grooves and crevices which can allow food particles to become embedded and hard to remove. This can be hard to clean even with a healthy and consistent oral hygiene routine. Once the liquid is painted on the surface of the teeth, a special light is used to dry it in place. The plastic simply just seals and protects the cracks and grooves of these teeth, so no food particles or bad bacteria can hide and cause decay.

Why is it Important for My Toddler?

When a child is younger, they can be susceptible to cavities, decay, etc. The last thing any parent wants is for their child’s adult teeth to come in and quickly be ruined or need work. In order to ensure your toddler’s teeth will endure many years of wear and tear including sugary drinks such as juice, sealants should be utilized. They don’t harm a child’s teeth, there’s no pain involved in the procedure, and they are usually pretty quick and done right in the chair.

Dental sealants are not expensive and most dental insurance companies will cover the procedure of getting them 100%. This is because dental sealants are considered preventative and many dental insurance companies find preventative procedures and treatments top priority since they ensure there will be less visits to the dentist in the future.

Taking as many preventative steps for your child’s oral health as possible is never a bad thing. Speaking with a dentist about the best steps as far as preventative treatments and procedures are concerned is always encouraged. Most dental professionals will also offer advice for caring for your child’s oral health while at home as well. At-home oral care is one of the top preventative steps any parent can take when dealing with their child’s oral health.

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