Important Facts About Baby Teeth


Baby teeth are often seen as less important teeth because they’re eventually replaced by adult teeth. However, baby teeth are just important as adult teeth for many reasons. In fact, many people, including parents, don’t know as much about baby teeth as they do the adult teeth. Here are some facts about baby teeth you may not know!

They’re Important for Development

Baby teeth are vital to a child’s overall growth and development. Adult teeth don’t come in until a child has surpassed many levels of growth and development. Before children have adult teeth, they learn how to talk, chew, eat solid foods, etc. Without baby teeth, these levels of development can be severely interrupted or stunted. Children will have trouble learning how to pronounce words correctly, which often results in speech impediments or delayed speech development in general. This can lead to issues with education and other cognitive developments as well.

They’re Important for Nutrition

Children need their baby teeth in order to transition into solid food which can start as early as six months. A child will begin needing more nutrients that a mother’s milk or formula can offer. However, if they don’t have their baby teeth, this can make it difficult to transition into real food which can result in a child’s nutrition taking a hit. It’s vital that a child receive all the correct nutrition while growing or a plethora of problems can arise. Including life-long lasting issues that can’t be reversed.

Baby’s Teeth Begin Development Before Birth

A baby’s teeth begin to develop under the gums before they’re even born. This means a mother’s nutrition can weigh heavily on the health of a child’s teeth even while in the womb. Children can even be born with a full set of teeth already!

Baby Teeth Can Decay Before Pushing Through the Gums

Since children’s teeth are sitting below the gums, this means that poor dental health, or even poor health on the mother’s part, can result in baby teeth decaying before they push through the gums. This means keeping the mouth rinsed and gums clean is important for children’s teeth even if they’re not already showing through the gums. Children can see the dentist before their teeth have even come through the gums in order to ensure their overall oral health is in good standing.

As always, if you ever have ay questions at all about your child’s oral health, call your dental professional. Baby teeth are important aspect to a child’s development in more ways than one so, it’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to their care. Start early on your child’s oral health hygiene in order to ensure a lack of future issues popping up for your little one.