Is Nitrous Oxide Safe for Children?


Nitrous oxide has long been used in the medical/dental field. It’s a gas used for sedation as well as pain relief. It affects everyone differently based on may factors. However, a professional has the knowledge of how much to use and when to use and not use it with patients.

What is nitrous oxide?

Nitrous oxide is a gas that is usually inhaled. It’s used in the medical field, mainly to sedate people for procedures that call for it. It can also be used for pain relief. This gas will affect each person differently. The factors for the effects that may present themselves is the size of the patient, the amount of gas administered if other substances are involved, and how often the gas is used with the patient. Professionals take all of this into account before using it on any person of any age. The gas is carefully calculated before being administered.

What Are the Effects of Nitrous Oxide?

Nitrous oxide is also known as the laughing gas because it generally makes people a little “loopy.” However, other side effects can be blurred vision, confusion, unsteady walking, sweating, sedation, numbness, etc. In some rare cases, death does occur. However, this is usually caused not by the gas itself but, in connection with other outliers.

Is it Safe for Children?

Nitrous oxide has been used many times over in the medical and dental field with all ages without issue. This gas is carefully calculated based on each patient’s needs, size, and procedure in mind. This means that they are given the perfect amount to match the length of time they need to be sedated based on their sides and medical parameters. It’s important to note that all patients have their vitals monitored during the use of nitrous oxide to ensure they are properly cared for throughout the stent of the dose.

After children wake up from sedation, they may exhibit some of the side effects listed above, but this is normal and to be expected. As long as they are watched closely, it will only be a few hours before they are back to normal. This gas is also great if you have a child who struggles with anxiety when going to the doctor or a dental professional. It’s safe for all ages and there are absolutely no long-term effects.

It can be scary as a parent, giving your child a gas that will cause them to fall into a deep sleep. However, medical professionals of all types have used it for years and are trained in the use of it. If you’re uncomfortable, ask to sit with your child as they’re going under or even just ask a few simple questions of the doctor or dental professional administering the gas. It’s never a bad thing to want to be reassured when your child is having any type of medical or dental procedure done.