Sealing Out Cavities to Toddlers


Sealing Out Cavities to Toddlers

Cavities are a pretty common issue that pops up with people of all ages. However, the last thing we want for our children is for their pretty, natural teeth to be ruined and in need of repair. This is why preventative dentistry is so important from a young age. One of the best preventative dentistry steps you can take for your child is to ensure they have sealants placed on their teeth. These will help protect their teeth and keep them from getting cavities in those hard to reach places.

What are Sealants?

Sealants start out as a plastic liquid that’s placed on the chewing surface of your back teeth. A brush is used to ensure the liquid is pushed down into the crooks and crannies of the teeth. Once a dental professional ensures the sealant is in place and shaped correctly, a special light is used to harden the material. The entire process is a quick one and is usually done in one visit in an hour or less. Sealants are also relatively cost-effective and are usually covered by most dental plans since preventative dentistry is highly praised in the insurance world.

The back teeth that have flatter surfaces have pits and fissures. These can be deep and even with regular brushing, flossing, and rinsing, the deepest parts of them can still be missed. These pits and fissures can be a breeding ground for food particles and bad bacteria. They get trapped in these deeper spaces causing decay and cavities. Sealants coat, protect, and seal these areas off in order to make it much easier to care for these particular teeth.

When Should I Get Sealants for My Child?

As soon as their adult teeth come in, it’s suggested that children get sealants. The quicker those chewing teeth are sealed off, the quicker your toddler is protected from the high risk of cavities. Of course, this won’t keep cavities from coming in general, that takes a great oral hygiene routine at home. However, this will ensure those tougher areas are easier for you and your child to take care of.

Toddlers and children are at a high risk of getting cavities due to their eating habits. Many children drink a lot of juice, gummy foods, etc. The acid and sugar in these items, especially when given at night, can cause considerable damage over time, if not care for properly. Nobody wants to take the juice away from their child. This is why it’s important to get sealants in order to make the oral health of your child easier on you and on them. It’s always best to talk to a pediatric dentist before settling on a plan of action. They will suggest the best steps for your child’s specific needs.