The Best Teething Toys for Babies


A teething baby is a very unhappy baby. Their poor little teeth are pushing through their gums, causing aching gums and pain. This pain can branch into their little cheeks, faces, jaws, etc. Chewing on certain toys or other items brings some relief to this phase in a baby’s life. However, some items aren’t as good as others when it comes to offering a safe, soothing option.

Here are the top teething toys that we recommend for babies!

Comotomo Baby Teether – This teether is specially developed to feel like fingers. If you’ve ever dealt with a baby teething, you know they love to chew on your fingers and their own fingers. Instead of sticky germy fingers in their mouth, this teether is a much better idea.

Nuby Silicone Teether – This teether includes soft bristles at the end that brush and massage the gums as babies chew on it. Massaging the gums soothes the ache and the brushing helps reduce any bacteria build up.

Sophie the Giraffe Teether – This has been one of the top sellers on Amazon because of how popular it’s been with mothers. It’s squishy feeling not only feels good on the gums but under the baby’s hands as well. So, it works as a 2-in-1.

Nuby Ice Gel Teether – The cold can really help soothe some of that teething pain. This ice gel teether offers that ice-cold relief.

Green Sprouts Cooling Teether – This is a classic teether that has been around for a long time due to its consistency and lower price tag. The baby can chew on this toy whether it’s frozen, chilled in the fridge, or room temperature. Either way, it’s used, it brings relief.

Baby Banana Training Toothbrush – Although babies aren’t likely to be brushing for a while on their own, it’s never too early to help them learn to do it themselves. This teething toy not only has soft bristles at the end that help soothe teething pain and aches but, it also helps train a child on how it will feel to bush their own teeth. It can also help provide a positive experience to brushing their teeth.

Nuby Teething Mitten – As mentioned, babies love sticking either your hand or their own hand in their mouths, especially while teething. This mitten is specifically designed for them to be able to chew on their hands while reducing the threat of germs, etc. The mitten is equipped with a teether on the end.

All-in-One Teether and Pacifier – When children are teething at a really young age, they may want a pacifier. However, while teething, it can cause turmoil because they’ll want the pacifier but, the pain may cause them to spit it because it’s not soothing them as much as it usually does. This all-in-one fixes that issue by being a teether and pacifier all at once.

There are many ways to soothe a baby’s teething aches and pains. However, toys are usually fun and easier to pack along. Plus, a baby can be distracted while getting the relief they need when teething toys are involved. There are many more safe toys out there, however, these are our favorites along with many other moms out there.