Tricks and Treats for Kids with Braces


Having braces can be tough for children. It limits them and makes them feel left out sometimes when other kids are around. There are a few tricks you can use to helping kids have an easier time while wearing braces. There are also treats that are just fine with braces that will also help your child to cope with the adjustments needed with traditional braces.

Don’t Eat What They Can’t Eat

Instead of making them “suffer” alone, keep yourself from eating what your child can’t eat. If possible, try to keep the rest of the house free from these items as well. That way, it’s not just the child with braces having to watch everyone else enjoy some of their favorite items. Instead, no one is eating these items which makes it feel like a normal occurrence.

Avoid Sticky or Hard/Crunchy Foods

Certain candies and foods can be sticky, hard, or extra crunchy which can be harmful for those who wear braces. This can break braces. Breaking braces can include wires snapping or coming loose, brackets coming loose, etc. When this happens, it can be very uncomfortable and even make sores in the mouth. With braces, there’s usually already a certain level of discomfort. Adding to it can make matters worse which can result in a very unhappy child. Often times, the braces can’t be fixed immediately so, you have to try and handle it until your child can get into the see the orthodontist to fix it. No candy or food is worth the hassle.

Treats that are Safe

Braces can last for up to two years or longer when children end up needing them. This means that they will go through many holidays, maybe multiples times, with braces on. It would be such a difficult time for your child if they had to miss out on treats and such in general for that long of a period. In order to make sure your child still gets to enjoy holidays, their birthday, or even events at school, try to stick to these treats or candies that are safe with braces.

  • Soft Chocolates such as Reese’s, Dove chocolates, Lindt truffles, etc. These are all soft and won’t harm a child’s braces. As long as they brush soon after eating them, their teeth will also stay safe from sugar consumption.
  • Soft cake, brownies, muffins, donuts, etc. All of these treats, although sugary in content, are a great treat that can replace anything a child can’t have while wearing braces.
  • Soft fruits such as kiwi, strawberries, blueberries, watermelon, etc. All of these are delicious snacks that are also healthier in nature and not candy. Many children are head over heels for fruit just as much as candy so, it’s a nice trade off.

Overall, the most important aspect about all of this is that braces are limiting but, are worth it. They can still be fun and hardly noticeable if children are included and certain aspects are adjusted to accommodate the changes.