What to Do When Your Child’s Tooth is Loose

by | Dec 1, 2022 | Dental Care

Losing a first baby tooth is a big milestone! Do you know what to do when your child’s tooth is loose? Let’s talk about what you should know so you can be prepared for when your child’s baby teeth become loose.

What Does a Loose Baby Tooth Mean?

Knowing what to do when your child’s tooth is loose starts with knowing why that tooth is starting to wiggle! When your child’s tooth becomes loose, it typically means that an adult tooth is close behind and getting ready to come to the surface.

It’s probably been a while since you experienced a loose tooth yourself so you might not remember what it feels like. Loose teeth aren’t usually uncomfortable. In fact, children usually feel excited at the prospect of losing their first tooth because it’s such a big milestone and often means that the tooth fairy will soon be visiting!

You might wonder if you should help your child pull the tooth out. Baby teeth usually fall out on their own, and it can make it more comfortable for your child if you allow the tooth to take its time. Plus, many children feel a sense of pride in wiggling their teeth free all by themselves! Knowing what to do when your child’s tooth is loose will come with experience, too! Losing your child’s first baby tooth is a new experience for you, just like it is for them!

When Does it Usually Happen?

A child typically loses their first tooth around 6 or 7 years old. Teeth usually become loose in the same order that they first erupted, starting with your child’s front-center teeth. Sometimes a child’s teeth can become loose prematurely after a fall or injury to their mouth or face. If you’re concerned that your child might have experienced trauma to their teeth or you think your child’s teeth are beginning to wiggle prematurely or out-of-order, reach out to your child’s pediatric dentist right away so they can check for signs of early dental issues.

When to Visit Your Child’s Dentist

As a parent, you know your child better than anyone! Trust your parental intuition: if something doesn’t seem right, give your child’s dentist a call to schedule an appointment!

Losing those first baby teeth is a big step for your child, so take the time to celebrate and make it a fun and memorable experience by talking with them about the tooth fairy and what losing their first baby tooth means. It’s also a great time for a pressure-free, educational visit to their dentist so they can learn more about how to take good care of their smile to help them develop life-long healthy habits.

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