Dental Sealants

Children’s Dental Sealants

Children have vulnerable smiles. That’s why our pediatric dentists encourage regular, six-month dental checkups. During your child’s appointment at Kidtastic, our experienced team can complete a thorough oral exam and professional cleaning, in addition to suggesting other services that might help your son or daughter improve and support his or her oral health.

One service our pediatric dentists recommend is dental sealants. Since the 1970s, dentists have been using dental sealants to help children enjoy a better oral health. Dental sealants work by physically protecting vulnerable teeth from decay-causing bacteria. Administering dental sealants is easy and, in many cases, is covered by dental insurance providers.

What Are Dental Seleants?

Dental sealants are a popular preventive dentistry service. They’re applied as a liquid and then dried or cured until they become a thin, plastic coating that physically shields vulnerable teeth. Once applied, you can expect your child’s dental sealants to last for as long as 10 full years. During that time, your son or daughter’s teeth will be more protected from bacteria and decay, leading to fewer problems with teeth that are vulnerable during a child’s earliest years.

The Dental Sealants Process

Treatment with dental sealants takes just a moment to complete and begins with an oral exam from one of our dentists. During your child’s appointment, we’ll be looking for deep pits or grooves that might become a hiding place for bacteria or food particles. Molars and premolars, which are at the back of the mouth, where a child can have difficulty brushing, are often the most vulnerable and will receive a lot of attention during the oral exam.

After completing an oral exam, our pediatric dentists will explain to you how many of your child’s teeth should be protected with dental sealants. Then, a special cleaning and etching solution will be used to prep the teeth. After about 15 seconds, the solution will be rinsed off, the surfaces of teeth will be dried, and the sealants will be applied. A special curing light will dry the sealants into their final form. From start to finish, an entire dental sealants procedure shouldn’t take more than 10 to 45 minutes.

Caring for Teeth with Dental Sealants

Despite how effective dental sealants are, your child’s teeth will still need regular care. That’s because dental sealantsonly protect the chewing surfaces of teeth, leaving areas that are still vulnerable to bacteria and decay. Because of this, regular six-month checkups are still important.

Do you want your child to have extra protection from bacteria and decay? Call Kidtastic today to reserve an appointment with one of our doctors. We offer a comprehensive array of services to meet the needs of our young patients.