Spend a Day at the Good Life Festival


Woodstock. Coachella. The Good Life Festival! Festival season is officially upon us with music and culture fans coming out of the woodwork to buy up tickets. The Good Life festival was founded in 2011 as a way for residents of San Tan Valley to relax and enjoy music from across the country.

In its sixth year, the festival has grown to service 5,000 fans with food, music and wine tastings. This year, events will feature performances from two pop music powerhouses, Heart and The Band Perry.


Founded in 1974 by sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson, Heart has over three decades experience serving up hard rock anthems like “Barracuda” and somber ballads like “What About Love”. The band was inducted to the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame in 2013 and showed that women can truly rock!

The sisters will be performing on April 16th, 2016! Buy your tickets today.

The Band Perry

Siblings appears to be the theme of this year’s events with The Band Perry performing in March! The Band Perry is comprised of siblings Kim, Reid and Neil Perry from Mobile, Alabama. The Band Perry has seen great success of the last couple of years for their unique brand of country inspired pop.

The Band Perry will be performing on March 5th at the Encanterra Country Club in San Tan Valley.

More than a Music Festival

good life festivalIn addition to the marquee artists, the Good Life Festival provides a different experience from your standard music festival fare. At the Good Life Festival, attendants aren’t resigned to drinking a $9 Coors Light. The Good Life Festival offers a wide variety of craft brews and wines from America’s best vineyards.

You’re going to need some food to go with that wine! Luckily, GLF features a stable of Arizona’s top chefs serving gourmet dishes and teaching you how to do it at home!

Additionally, GLF is an excellent place to get some shopping done, with local vendors peddling their wares. Whether you are looking for a funky new piece of jewelry or some vintage antiques you can find it all in San Tan Valley.